‘Redundant Foundations…’ are the reason Apostles & Prophets don’t exist today?

anthropocene_2The construction of the church necessitated the foundational work Apostles & Prophets. When referring to God’s household, the church, Paul wrote: “…having been built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone” (Ephesians 2:20).

Premise 1 – While the work of evangelists and pastor/teachers is important, only the apostles and prophets are described as being the foundation upon which the church is built.

Premise 2 – The “foundation of the apostles and prophets,” the foundation which they laid, was their revelation. (later signifying the completed bible)

Premise 3 – Jesus is the Chief Corner Stone of that foundation and there’s only one chief corner stone and thus only one foundation.

Premise 4 – There’s no need for other foundations.

Conclusion 1 : There is, therefore, no need for Apostles & Prophets today.

Conclusion 2:  Hence, there are no Apostles & Prophets today. 

Conclusion 3:  Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists are the only ongoing means by which the church is built.

Are the previous premises and conclusions valid?  Why or Why Not? 





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    1. The question is, is this past tense or present tense? If past then the church is already built, clearly not the case…. Therefore my reading is like the Darby translation puts it, being built…. therefore perfectly ok for prophetic and apostolic to be part of the foundation that is still being laid and built.
      I am not for a minute suggesting the Bible is not complete, or that today’s prophets and apostles are adding to the canon of scripture.
      There does appear to be continuing revelation, or maybe a better word is uncovering of the truths of the word. We need prophets and apostles to rightly reveal and expose the Fathers heart and will.

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