The Church; A Base of Operations, A Rest Stop, or A Gas Station?

GeneralServiceSignIf you had to choose one of the above, which would it be?  The Great Commission was issued by Jesus to His disciples and every subsequent generation of his disciples to “go” from where?  The Local Church?  It seems unlikely.  It seems that they were to go from their normal lives as stationary people into a mode of sent-ness.  They were to go from Judea, Samaria, and other geographical locations.  They were to go from ethnic exclusivity to ethnic diversity.  They were to go from where the gospel is known to where it is not. 


What do you think?

Is the church to be a base of operations, a gas station, or a rest stop along the way?

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      • Yes Marshall, it’s the intended trajectory of this conversation. More so, what, in reality, is “the local church?” Although I’m really beginning not to like that term either.

    1. Quite frankly Miguel I don’t think the church can be described fully by ANY of those metaphors.

      That’s like asking what a wife is and giving us a choice limited to companion, sexual partner, or mother. She, like the church is all that and more.

      She is a spiritual and practical helpmate, an inspiration, one who loves, a source of godly wisdom, a maker of a happy home environment, even perhaps a wonderful cook.

      As the wife is, so is the church as far as not fitting in within the three chosen metaphors you have given.

      If I had to define the church I would say she is a group of called out one’s (Christians) within and through whom the life of Jesus Christ expresses itself. To each according to their need through each according to their gift.

      Though that definition of church is hardly ever allowed or found in our modern day church practices where it is more typically…through one to the many according to his gift and vision.


    2. I like the idea of base of operations, especially since most churches do not function that way. I mean how often do people go to church and talk about their day to day life and how they can lean into being christ in those situations and relationships? And I mean specifically not generally.
      Unfortunately we tend to buy into living vicariously through leaders or trying to become leaders or ‘missionaries’ ourselves. The really amazing stuff is mostly happening in the lives of those who are ‘full time’. The rest of us need to fund the dreams of others and just be satisfied with trying to live virtuous lives.
      Agree though no single descriptor is exhaustive. A kingdom community is another description of a healthy church. Bringing heaven to earth so to speak in all spheres of life.
      Some people seem to do the going aspect very well, others the being aspect… in the sense they may live what some may consider a mundane life, but their life actually has the fragrance of christ.

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