Bread Machine Discipleship

wheatbreadmaker-1I recently encountered something I would consider an absolutely genius ministry idea.  I hesitate in calling it a “ministry” because someone out there might try to turn it into a methodology or a program and empty it of its power.  But, I found a guy who buys used bread machines from local second-hand stores, cleans them up, and waits for the Lord to show him who to give them to.

In the course of his daily life, Jim will talk with people and engage them.  He talks to the poor, the depressed, and the spiritual seeker, They are just a few of the types who make eligible receivers of bread machines.  Jim identifies needs in people and then asks them if it would be ok to come over give them a bread machine and then show them how to use it.  Jim carries the ingredients for the first few batches of dough as part of the gift and then the baking begins.

They are taught to bake bread as Jim demonstrates, but thats not all.  Once all the ingredients are put into the machine, there’s nothing left to do except wait and talk, pray, or counsel with people.  As Jim puts it, when the smell of fresh-baked bread fills the house it opens the mouths and hearts of the people within.  The fragrance of fresh bread leads to the fragrance of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:15).  Jim uses this simple idea to make disciples of Jesus.

That’s being missional!  What a simple and effective way of inserting the gospel into an environment that is without it.  

I’m curious…

What innovative and non-threatening ways do you have of reaching in to other’s lives?  

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    1. Tell Jim, I impressed with this innovative idea. I’m sure he’ll read it here. I don’t think he’s mentioned this in Crossroads, but of course I don’t get to read all of his or your posts. God bless you all and the work you’re doing.

    2. Wow, that’s an awesome idea.

      I’ve been out on the Market Square offering free hugs, and that sometimes leads to conversations. People want to know why you’re doing it and you can tell them something like, ‘I just want to make people smile and let them know they’re loved’. They ask why? I can explain about the good news. The main thing seems to be to have a reason for people to come and ask.

      Another guy I know sometimes hands out fruit, each item labelled with a fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace etc. People want to know why he’s giving out fruit and why it’s labelled – so he tells them.

      I think I might try printing some of my photos and giving one away to anybody who will tell me what they see in it. Every beautiful thing in this world has something to say about the nature of the One who IS beauty – Jesus. I’ll see how that goes as a way of meeting people and having a conversation.

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