The Dirty Dozen – Top Blog Posts of 2012

dirty-dozenAccording the APEST assessment, I am a PT or gifted in the Prophetic and Teaching.  The characteristics of this combination are as follows:

  • Questions what has become normative.
  • Disturbs common thinking and practices.
  • Agitates for positive change.
  • Desires learning for purposes to influence.
  • Discerns the message of Truth
  • Seeks to ensure an authentic response to Truth
  • Core issue is one’s relationship with God
  • Urgency felt now, in the moment, “this must happen.”
  • Comfortable dismantling the present for future hope
  • Deep compassion for the cause of the people
  • Inspires all people to respond to God’s message
  • May communicate creatively to get message across

It seems that my top 12 blog posts of 2012 have centered around those characteristics.  In truth, I never know what is going to make people react the way they do, but I am glad for the discussions.  Many have contacted me offline to say how these writings have helped them in their personal faith and fellowships.  Controversy for controversy sake is not helpful for the body of Christ, but sometimes divisions are helpful to show which among the body are recognized by God.  (1 Corinthians 11:19) Some of these posts have comments where folks get what would be considered a bit nasty with others.  I’ve done my best to maintain healthy and productive exchanges without disparaging the brethren.  And so, in the order of most read/commented on:

1.  Prophetic Agitation

2.  Missions, Defining “Unreached,” and Marginalizing People Groups

3.  Shouldn’t We Be Terminating Life Support for the “Sinner’s Prayer?”

 4.  Paul’s Engagement of the Athenians on Mars Hill, Epic Ministry Fail?

 5.  On the Subjectivity of the Spirit and the Objective Written Scriptures

 6.  The Rejection of The Gospel is a “Decision.”

 7.  I’m Sorry, Your First Baptism Doesn’t Count. You’ll Have to be Baptized Again!

8.  Obey your “Pastors,” and submit to their authority… Wait a minute? Where’s that in the Bible?

9.  The Merits and Demerits of Individual Discipleship.

 10.  Apologetics is not about “Defending the Faith.”

 11.  The Anti-Scripture Scriptures – Part IV

12.  Christian Missions, Making Disciples & Cultural Contamination.


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