Optimizing Mission

Pathways International - Optimizing Mission

Pathways International – Optimizing Mission

In an ever growing E-world, the importance of “optimization” becomes equally critical.  There’s a few things that the mission focused can learn from online optimization:

Less storage space on the server – Less “space” in general.  Dumping the warehouse or storage unit mentality and refitting your mission for rapid and targeted deployment may optimize your resources.  Think smaller, more effective distribution nodes or a mission routers.

Less bandwidth is needed to process the file – Those who provide mission bandwidth and those who use it will be less likely to be throttled by an optimized missional process.  All mission work need not be HD.  Low Tech(nique) Spirit empowered mission can be more effective than a gaggle of gadgetry.

Less storage and bandwidth needs mean that hosting costs are decreased – Less physical space and less stuff optimizes the mission and minimizes the materials supposedly needed to accomplish it.  Less stuff reduces cost or better serves to optimize every dollar for mission.

Faster file and page loads correlate to a positive visitor experience which can lead to more visits – Community experience is enhanced when we can deliver the message of our mission (The Gospel) minus fluff and falsehood.  Given the ever shortening attention span of the average human, an optimized gospel delivery system just makes sense.  

Perhaps some of you who know a bit more about Web Page, Internet, and the Online transmission of information than I do can make some other suggestions for what the mission focused can learn from online optimization.  Can you?   



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