The Gospel – The Only Real Way to Change Culture.

Gospel Guide Rail

Throughout the New Testament, but specifically in the book of Acts, we see cultures changing because the Gospel was brought into them.  For example, in Acts 19:21-41, we see the entire socioeconomic structure of Ephesus begin to change.  Those that made money from other’s immoral actions were starting to feel the pinch of a society being changed by the Gospel.  There are many other cases in which we see not only the economy, but the very core values of culture changed by the introduction of the Gospel.  Also in some of these instances we see the Gospel itself becoming the guide rail by which culture is propelled forward.  After the Gospel has been brought “in” to culture, it becomes culture.  Some say that the Gospel is counter-cultural, others would say it is cross-cultural, and there are some bold enough to say that the Gospel becomes culture.


“The Gospel not only changes a culture’s story, it completes it.” Miguel Labrador

A few questions:

Anything wrong with the photo illustration on this article?

Is it the “role” of the Gospel to change culture?

Does the Gospel, when introduced into a culture, become its culture?  


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    1. there be differing opinions regarding the borders of culture with Christ because Christ in His Life is super-cultural (or, hyper-cultural).
      All human cultural paradigms must submit to Christ (in effect, they are all in conflict with Him until/unless they are beneath His feet). From Him, we also experience the coming of a super-culture that is not like any other; that is not restricted to human experience or social dimension; that operates “overall” and does not shift like desert sands..

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