Dark Matter is God. Science, the Bible, and Logic

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

 Colossians 1:17

A recent article states the following: “Invisible matter may be holding us all together after all. Researchers have unveiled the biggest-ever map of dark matter in the universe, which shows large clumps and wispy filaments of the stuff nestling galaxies like jewels.”

If I, like any “Good Christian,” wants to verify this hypothesis or theory, I must go to the Bible. Mustn’t I?  My presuppositions necessitate that I take what the world sees and concludes without God and insert Him into the the equation and recalculate. Don’t they?  So after “faith-FUL Christian Due Diligence, I have come up with the following:

Science says that all things are held together by Dark Matter.  The Bible says all things are held together by God.  Therefore God is Dark Matter.

A few questions:

1.  Is the above syllogism logically valid?

2.  Should Christians be verifying science with the Bible?

3. Is Dark Matter really God?    

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    1. Well…this is a complicated one Miguel!
      Science really doesn’t know enough about dark matter to really be able to look at it in depth.

      I guess if dark matter really does hold it all together then well your premise is ‘logical’…however ‘large clumps and wispy filaments’ doesn’t strike me as decent representation of my infinite and almighty God.

      however it is possible that this is just another scientific representation of him…God is constantly revealing himself through our discoveries within our know universe. I always think of it like a treasure hunt of awe inspiring things hes hidden for us to find and learn about him. the better we get…the more stuff we find.

      have you heard Louie Giglio talk about ‘Lamanin’ … if not check this out


      its a very similar thing!

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    3. Dark matter is just a term used by man for describing something he does not understand. I do believe the world is held together by God’s faith filled creative word. It will continue to be held together until God creates a new heaven and new earth. It will not happen because there are too many aerosol cans in the world. We indeed serve a mighty and wonderful God!

      God Bless

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