“Mission is not primarily an activity of the church, but an attribute of God. God is a missionary God.” ~ David J. Bosch

“It is not the church that has a mission of salvation to fulfill in the world; it is the mission of the Son and the Spirit through the Father that includes the church.” ~ Jurgen Moltmann

“Our mission has not life of its own: only in the hands of the sending God can it truly be called mission. Not least since the missionary initiative comes from God alone … Mission is thereby seen as a movement from God to the world; the church is viewed as an instrument for that mission. There is church because there is mission, not vice versa. To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people, since God is a fountain of sending love.” ~ David J. Bosch


Forge Ecuador

Forge Ecuador (Forjar Ecuador) will:

Nurture and resource the organic and missional church in South America.

Nutre y proporcionar recursos para la iglesia orgánica y misional en América del Sur.

Cultivate missional communities across Ecuador with a vision towards all of South America.

Cultivar las comunidades misionales través Ecuador con una visión hacia toda América del Sur.

Identify develop, and equip upcoming missional leaders.

Identificar a desarrollar y equipar los próximos líderes misionales.

Prepare missionaries to thrive in whatever context they are called to, be that a local church, a neighborhood, a professional network, etc.

Preparar a los misioneros para prosperar en cualquier contexto que están llamados a, ser que una iglesia local, un barrio, una red profesional, etc

Help existing churches transition to missional paradigms.

Ayudar a las iglesias existentes transición a paradigmas misionales.

Partner with seminary programs.

Asociaremos con programas de seminarios.

Go into communities, large and small, and invest our lives in people for missional movement.

Ir a las comunidades, grandes y pequeñas, e invertir nuestras vidas en las personas para el movimiento misional.

Connect missional pioneers.

Conectar pioneros misionales.

Ally ourselves with innovative church plants, mission ventures, theological colleges, denominations and agencies.

Aliarnos con las plantas innovadoras de la iglesia, las empresas misioneras, colegios teológicos, denominaciones y agencias.



Cloud Forest Quip

The Yumbo civilization, (800 AD until the Spanish Conquest around 1660) predates that of the Incas. The Yumbo were a peace-loving, autonomous, independent, mature people, open to external relations.  Mindo was the center of a very important Yumbo-Nigua culture, which lived and developed in this territory for thousands of years. The Yumbos were industrious business people, who developed an intense commerce network between the Highlands, the Amazon and the Coast. Before they became astute in business, they had developed a harmonious cosmology vision of our existence, and the relationship with the Universe and the stars. With the arrival of the Spanish domination the advancements of this culture was impacted, their knowledge was confiscated, and eventually their culture as it was known got buried away, with their descendants leaving this area to other regions of Ecuador and Colombia for survival.

Making Disciples

If all of your ministry means aren’t Making Disciples, then the end will never be justified.   Join us in our ongoing disciple making conversation by clicking on the blue egg above where thousands of others are participating. We look forward to seeing you there.  Also, be sure to check out Miguel Labrador’s Book “14 Shifts in Disciple Making and A Framework – A Dynamic E-booklet for your Kindle or Kindle enabled device.  It briefly lays out some critical mind-shifts in Making Disciples.  Also, check out what happens in our home every week and why we call it Discipleship Group. 

People Stories

When 50+ people come to a baptism to encourage those being baptized, it’s less of a “Sacrement,” and more of a celebration.  David, the one being baptized here is a 4th generation disciple.  Those before him, Marvin, Freddy, and Alirio all took part in confirming his confession of faith.  Later on, David baptized Maria.  Later still, Maria baptized Elsa.  The work continues…


God Directed Deviations

“All missionaries are heroes, but some are more articulate than others. Miguel Labrador, serving in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest is one the latter. Miguel is asking the right questions while living out a missional lifestyle. That’s a good combination and every visit to his blog will challenge and sometimes irritate your thinking. That’s a good thing too.” ~ Marty Schoenleber Jr, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL Adjunct Faculty

The Ministry of asking questions: “Miguel Labrador, a missionary in the Andes, has such a ministry. Follow him on Twitter on @Missionaries or at his blog, and several times a week, he will ask a searching question which will make you think about, and perhaps rethink, various ministry concepts. ~ Tony Whittaker from Internet Evangelism Day 

“Miguel’s Blog and Site, are outstanding sources of disciple-making wisdom, knowledgeable comment, and scintillating discussion for the Christian community.”  Gary Patton, The People Development Specialist-Patton Associates, People Development Life & Business Coaches

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